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Adults Only
Wiltshire UK has been strictly designed for ADULTS ONLY. Any child or person under the age of 18 must leave this website immediately.

Teens and Girls
Any person or persons described as teen, teens, girl or girls on this website are OVER 18 and ABOVE THE AGE OF CONSENT.

This website does NOT advertise the type of escorts that sell their bodies for cash (prostitutes) -The type of escorts that we advertise on this website are UNPAID SEXUAL COMPANIONS.

Sex Contacts, Housewives, Strippers, Milfs, Girlfriends and Swingers -Free Sex
Wiltshire UK will not be held responsible for any actions taken by individuals that can be reached through this website as we do NOT own or control them in any way.

Brothels and Sex Parties
Wiltshire UK does not advertise or promote anything illegal including organised paid sex parties.

Alternatives and Substitutes -Free Sex
Wiltshire UK offers free sex substitutes for escorts, callgirls and prostitutes that leave or are no longer involved in the paid sex scene.

Cookies Policy
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